• Passenger Information – Scheduled Flights

    Terms & Conditions

    The terms that follow apply specifically to Scheduled Flights. For information on Mine Flights, click here.


    We ask that passengers check-in at the airport terminal 60 to 75?minutes prior to flight departure time. When departing from Saskatoon, the cut-off time for check-in is 45 minutes prior to flight departure time. When departing from all other bases, the cut-off time for check-in is 30 minutes prior to flight departure time. Failure to check-in before the cut-off time will result in a missed flight in which the passenger forfeits their entire fare. As per Transport Canada regulations, all Passengers over the age of 18 require Government issued picture ID to travel. Passengers must also ensure they have any required documentation (i.e. purchase order; medical warrant) upon check-in.

    Carry On Baggage

    There are restrictions on what can be carried on scheduled flights. Please review the CATSA website if you have any questions about which items are permitted.

    Checked Baggage

    Passengers are allowed to check-in 50lbs of baggage.
    Identification tags must be attached to the luggage. Excess baggage will be charged at the applicable rate and will be accommodated on a space available basis.

    Dangerous Articles

    Please take a moment to review what you can — and can’t — take on your flight. You may be surprised at how many common, everyday items are restricted because they pose a potential hazard in the special environment found onboard an aircraft. Spending just a few minutes now to avoid delays at Check-in time, and help support airline safety, is in all travelers’ best interests. Dangerous articles include fireworks, acid, matches, lighter fluids, poisons, flammables, explosives or compressed gases. Please review the CATSA website if you have any questions about which items are permitted or call West Wind Aviation for additional information at 1.877.600.7999.


    Cancellations and changes are accepted up to two hours prior to departure. Passengers who do not show up for a flight do not receive a credit or refund.
    After the day of booking, fares are non-refundable; however, they may be used as a credit towards a future flight with West Wind Aviation. Credit files are created for the funds and will expire after one year.
    Changes are subject to any difference in fare.

    Lost/Damaged Baggage

    West Wind Aviation will not compensate for normal wear and tear, or damage resulting in over packing or overweight baggage. West Wind Aviation assumes no liability for valuables, perishables, money, jewelry, liquids, samples, electronic equipment and accessories, cameras, and fragile articles contained in checked or unchecked baggage. Guests may be asked to complete a Luggage Liability Release Form upon checking such items.
    The maximum liability for lost/damaged baggage is $250.00 per person, per incident. Please inform us of any loss or damage prior to leaving the terminal building.

    Special Needs Persons

    Reservations for persons who may have special needs or for unaccompanied minors require extra information for West Wind Aviation to effectively meet the needs of such guests. Please contact us directly to make a reservation of this nature (we require 72 hours advance notice). West Wind Aviation reserves the right, without liability, to cancel any reservation made through the website for a person with special needs or disabilities, or for an unaccompanied minor, if, in our discretion reasonable accommodation to transport such individuals cannot be provided safely.

    Fees & Taxes

    Fees and taxes are collected by West Wind Aviation at the time of booking. These include Nav Canada and Fuel Surcharges, Air Traveler’s Security Charge, Airport Improvement Fees and all applicable GST. Tariffs are available upon request.

    Cancellation Policy

    West Wind Aviation reserves the right to cancel any and all flights, with the only recourse for ticket holders being refund of ticket cost.