• Community Information

    What you need to know about Saskatchewan's North.

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    Fond du Lac

    Where to stay

    Flora Augier’s Bed & Breakfast (306) 686-2062

    Haily’s Lodge (306) 686-2006

    Where to eat

    Athabaska Lakeside Cafe & Gas Bar (306) 686-2180

    Northern Store – food and general merchandise 686-2010

    Getting around

    Haily Rentals (306) 686-5002


    Passengers should go to the West Wind Aviation terminal at the Fond du Lac Airport. To book a flight call 1-877-600-7999.

    Points North

    Where to stay

    Points North Freight Forwarding (PNFF) has the capacity to serve over 100 guests in single and double rooms.

    Where to eat

    PNFF provides meals in a buffet style in a relaxed atmosphere.? The dining room can seat 60 people at one time and they have extended breakfast and supper hours to help serve any guests that may not have a flexible work schedule.? Bagged lunches are available for guests who have to work out in the field during lunch hour.

    Getting around

    PNFF can supply a wide variety of fuel and oil including diesel, gasoline, propane, and heating oil.? PNFF is also an Esso branded aviation fuel dealer so Jet A-1 and Avgas are readily available.?Jet A drums are also available upon request.

    Points North will be happy to special order any fuel or oil that we may not normally carry. PNFF also has fuel trucks available to deliver fuel to work sites located in the vicinity.


    Heavy equipment can be moved with PNFF’s tractors and flat deck trailer or lowbed.? Semis can be unloaded with their loaders and experienced operators.? A winch tractor is available for moving drills and other equipment.? Longer distances can be hauled with a van or step deck when needed.? See http://www.pointsnorthfreight.com/for more information.


    Passengers should report to Points North Freight Forwarding Inc.’s main office prior to departure.? West Wind Aviation Points North 1-877-600-7999.

    Wollaston Lake

    Where to stay

    The Wollaston Lake Motel is a clean, friendly facility a block from the airport and a half block from the barge landing. It has 10 comfortable rooms with two beds each. Satellite TV is available. There is a common area where home cooked meals are available at lunch and supper. Breakfast supplies are on hand. For further information or reservations call (306) 633-2082

    Where to eat

    Benonie’s Restaurant is available, as is take-out from the Arena (633-2093) or Besskkaystare’s (633-2192).

    Getting around

    Tsannie’s Taxi – (306) 633-2124

    Vehicle rental is available from the motel


    Cell phone reception is limited.? Internet is available.


    The Wollaston Lake passenger terminal building is located in the West Wind Aviation terminal building at the Wollaston Lake Airport.? Cargo and freight is handled from the West Wind Aviation terminal building.? West Wind Aviation Wollaston phone: (306) 633-4931.

    Saskatoon Airport

    The John G. Diefenbaker International Airport terminal building is located in the northwest corner of Saskatoon (http://www.yxe.ca/).? West Wind Aviation passenger and cargo information for Saskatoon (306) 934-4274.

    Tourism Saskatoon – http://www.tourismsaskatoon.com/

    Stony Rapids

    Where to stay

    Al’s Place – (306)?439-2057, http://www.alsplace.ca/

    White Water Inn / Waterfront Lodge – (306)?439-2188, http://www.whitewaterinn.ca/

    Where to eat

    All of the above accommodations will offer meals.? Call ahead for reservations.

    Getting around

    Scott’s General Store (439-2056) has rental vehicles available.? Taxi services are available out of Black Lake as well as Stony Rapids; ask at the terminal for details.? Athabasca Fuel Services provides aircraft services at the Stony Rapids Airport.



    Scott’s General Store sells groceries, clothing, confectionary, household items, hardware, fishing supplies, fuel, propane, automotive parts and service, and BRP parts, service, and rentals.

    The Northern Store located on lakefront sells groceries, clothing items, confectionary, and household items.

    All stores close at 6:00 pm, and Al’s Place closes at 8:00 pm.

    Stony Rapids Airport

    The Stony Rapids passenger terminal is located in the West Wind Aviation Terminal at the Stony Rapids Airport. West Wind Aviation Stony Rapids (306)?439-4931.

    Uranium City

    Where to stay

    Urdel Ltd. runs a Bed & Breakfast, which includes meals.? Call Dean Classen for more information – (306)?498-2761.

    Aurora Lodge operates during the summertime, and can accommodate large groups.? Call Carolin Saunders for more information – (306)?789-5415.

    Fish Hook Lodge has one unit with two additional cabins.? Call Harold Grasley for more information – (306)?498-2145.

    Where to eat

    Meals are included with either Urdel’s or Aurora’s accommodations.? Fish Hook Lodge may also provide some meals.? Urdel Ltd. also offers catering upon request.

    Getting around

    Urdel Ltd. has rental vehicles available, including pickup trucks, vans, snowmobiles, boats, and ATV’s.? Float plane parking at Martin Lake is available, and aircraft fuelling is available at the Water Base as well as at the Uranium City Airport.

    Aurora Lodge will also provide fishing boats, trucks, and can arrange for guide service.

    Fish Hook Lodge has fishing boats for rent.


    Uranium City has limited cell phone service but does have some internet access options.

    Passenger & Freight

    The West Wind Aviation terminal for Uranium City is located at Uranium City Bulk Fuels Ltd., #1 Uranium Road.? West Wind Aviation Uranium City (306)?498-2761

    Prince Albert

    The Prince Albert Airport terminal building is located just minutes from the city on Highway #55 East on the north side of the North Saskatchewan River West Wind Aviation passenger and cargo?information for Prince Albert (306) 764-4931.

    Prince Albert & Area Tourism – http://www.patourism.ca/