• Cargo

    West Wind Aviation accepts cargo for shipment to La Ronge, Stony Rapids, Points North, Uranium City, Wollaston, Fond du Lac, Prince Albert, and Saskatoon. For charter options to other destinations, please click here.

    General Cargo

    Delivering More Than You Expect

    West Wind Aviation Scheduled Flights is committed to providing you with personalized service to all stops on our routes. Every shipment starts with our personal commitment to have your cargo delivered when and where you need it. Cargo shipments can be tracked online, click here to track your shipment.

    Cargo Service Options

    West Wind Aviation provides two options based on your timelines;

    • Guaranteed?Cargo?– Same Day or Next Flight delivery
    • Regular Cargo – 7 Business Day Delivery

    General Details:

    • All cargo must be properly packaged for shipping and handling.
    • Contents of all packages must be declared prior to shipment as per Transport Canada Security Regulations. Transport Canada also reserves the right to inspect and hold cargo for a period of time prior to shipment.
    • Photo identification must be presented at time the cargo is brought in for shipment.
    • Every piece of cargo must have current shipper and receiver information including name, address and telephone numbers clearly marked on each package.
    • West Wind Aviaiton does not accept quads, skidoos, or assembled bikes as cargo or baggage.? Boxed bikes are acceptable.

    Size Limitations:

    • For handling and care of all cargo shipments, size limitations apply. Maximum size allowance for each piece is 18″ wide x 24″ long x 24″ high and no greater than 100 lbs in weight.
    • If you are planning to send oversize shipments call the cargo depot well ahead of time and make the necessary arrangements.

    Minimum Charge Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Wollaston, Uranium City, & Stony Rapids:

    • Minimum charge per envelope is $10.00 + fees and taxes
    • Minimum charge per regular rate box is $15.00 + fees and taxes.
    • Minimum charge on?guaranteed rate cargo is $30.00 + fees and taxes.

    Minimum Charge for Points North:

    • Minimum charge per envelope is $20.00 + fees and taxes.
    • Minimum charge per regular rate box is $20.00 + fees and taxes.
    • Minimum charge on guaranteed rate cargo is $50.00 + fees and taxes.

    Damaged Cargo Claim:

    • We will do our best to take great care in handling your cargo, however we cannot compensate for normal wear and tear or damage resulting in over-packed or overweight cargo.
    • West Wind Aviation will assume no liability for fragile, valuable, perishable, money, jewelry or electronic equipment that may have not been properly packed. If cargo contains these items, they must be declared upon delivery of cargo for proper labeling and handling instructions.
    • A claim cannot be made if cargo was not declared at delivery, if cargo is damaged due to weather conditions, or if current customer information was not provided. Maximum liability for damaged cargo is $100.00 and claims must be made within 24 hours of customer pick up.
    • All claims are subject to inspection of damaged cargo by West Wind Aviation employee.


    • Refunds are applicable to cargo not shipped in the allotted timeframe, or if cargo was lost or damaged.
    • All refund claims must be made at time of cargo pick up.

    Courier Shipments:

    • West Wind Aviation can make arrangements with local couriers, on the customer’s behalf, for local pickup and delivery. This service is only available in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Additional charges will apply.

    Shipping Envelopes to northern Saskatchewan

    • The minimum charge for envelopes is $10.00 + fees and taxes for Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Stony Rapids, Uranium City, and Wollaston Lake.
    • The minimum charge for envelopes to or from Points North is $20.00 + fees and taxes.
    • Envelopes containing contents other than documents, letters, banking or cash shipments will be charged at a package rate.
    • Current shipper and receiver information must be clearly marked on envelopes.
    • All cash shipments must be declared and will travel at “shipper’s risk” only.

    Shipping Perishables & Frozen Cargo in northern Saskatchewan

    • Perishables and frozen groceries are accepted and must be declared at the drop off location to ensure proper handling and storage.
    • West Wind Aviaiton will not be liable for any perishable items.
    • Saskatoon and Prince Albert have coolers and freezers available to store perishables and frozen goods. Please note that ice cream cannot be accepted nor can any product stored in dry ice.
    • All cargo must have current shipper and receiver information clearly marked on each piece of cargo.

    Fragile or Valuable Cargo in northern Saskatchewan

    • Fragile cargo is accepted, however it must be declared at time of drop off to ensure proper labeling and handling is met. All cargo must be properly packaged. West Wind Aviaiton cannot be liable for any pieces not declared or adequately packaged.
    • Valuable cargo is accepted. Cargo contents and value of contents must be declared at drop off location. Maximum liability is $100.00 on all cargo.

    Shipping Live Animals in northern Saskatchewan

    Pet Acceptance:


    • All animals travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft, (the aircraft cargo area is the same temperature as the cabin area.) Due to the limited space in the cabins of our aircraft and the possibility of allergic reactions, animals will not be transported in the cabin area, with the exception of service animals that assist customers with a disability.
    • All animals must be in a hard-sided approved kennel
    • Must have a leak proof bottom kennel
    • Animal must be able to stand up and turn around comfortably
    • Must not be shipped on any aircraft that is transporting dry ice


    • Notice must be given when reservation is made that passenger is traveling with a pet (including type and size of pet as well as size of kennel)
    • Notes stating pet travelling must be entered in the reservation
    • The animal must be travelling on the same flight as passenger, and must check in at least 1 hour prior to departure with the pet
    • The animal is counted as the first piece of luggage, excess will be charged on other items if exceeding the75 lb. limit.
    • A handling fee of $20.00 plus GST is charged to the passenger and must be prepaid

    Dangerous Goods:

    West Wind Aviation is committed to providing safe and secure transportation of all cargo. Transport Canada may consider some items as hazardous or dangerous. These hazardous products will require special handling, labeling, packaging and documentation. Examples of these items include paint, paint thinner, bleach, batteries, fuels and chemicals. All hazardous materials must be declared as hazardous at time of shipment. West Wind Aviation requires 24 hours notice prior to shipment of Hazardous/Dangerous goods. Some Dangerous Goods are eligible to be shipped in small quantities if the shipment is properly prepared by a person with certification to ship Dangerous Goods by air. An additional charge will apply for special handling procedures.

    If you have any questions regarding hazardous materials please contact West Wind Aviation at 1-877-600-7999.